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Johnathan Lehrer and Robert Snyder Charged in the Coulibri Ridge Owner Daniel Langlois’ Murder Case

Roseau Magistrate Court witnessed a significant turn in the case of Daniel Langlois and Dominique Marchand’s murders, as American citizens Jonathan Lehrer and Robert Snyder appeared for their first hearing. Charged with the gruesome killing of the couple, known for their prominent role in running the Coulibri Ridge Eco Resort, Lehrer and Snyder’s court appearance symbolizes a critical juncture in a case that has deeply affected the community.

Lehrer, the owner of Bois Colette in Soufriere, and Snyder, his alleged accomplice are represented by attorneys Lennox Lawrence and Wayne Norde, and prosecuted by the Director of Public Prosecutions Sherma Dalrymple. The case reveals a bitter feud over the usage of the Morne Rouge Public Road, a dispute that had previously found its way to the high court.

The bodies of Langlois and Marchand were discovered in a burnt vehicle in Gallion. The discovery earlier this week confirmed the questions rasied about as to their whereabouts and disappearance. Police revealed that the couple had been ambushed and brutally murdered, and then their car was set ablaze.

The altercation over the public road, which cuts through Lehrer’s estate, had escalated over the years, culminating in a court ruling, which did little to quell the underlying tension between the two..

As Lehrer, dressed casually and seemingly unperturbed, and Snyder, faced the charges, the courtroom became a mirror reflecting the community’s shock and grief. This case more than most, bears the weight of lost lives and a shattered sense of safety and community.

The communities of Soufriere and Gallion are in collective mourning for Langlois and Marchand. Their contributions to Dominica’s sustainable development, and their involvement in local initiatives like the rehabilitation of the Soufriere Primary School, is a significant loss felt by many. The court proceedings, set to continue on March 15, 2024, are more than just a trial; its one of those moments in Dominica that has left indelible mark on the hearts of all.

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