Dominica Cancer Society


Dominica Cancer Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to fighting cancer through education, empowerment, and support for individuals, families, and communities in Dominica.

About Dominica Cancer Society

The Dominica Cancer Society, established on February 2nd, 2009, focuses on mobilizing resources and promoting early intervention and management of cancer. The society offers support to those affected by cancer and advocates for early detection and prevention strategies.

Services of Dominica Cancer Society

The society undertakes various initiatives to fulfill its mission:

  • Education and Empowerment: Programs aimed at educating the public about cancer prevention and management.
  • Support for Patients and Families: Offering emotional and financial support to those dealing with cancer.

Key Initiatives and Events

  • Annual ‘Walk For Cancer Care’ to raise funds for patients struggling with treatment costs.
  • Wellness Centre operations to provide a support network for cancer patients.
  • Collaboration with schools and other organizations for cancer awareness and fundraising events.

The society’s efforts are supported by the government, and it continues to seek public participation through volunteerism and donations to aid those in need.

Opening Hours

Mon.08:30 AM 04:30 PM
Tue.08:30 AM 04:30 PM
Wed.08:30 AM 04:30 PM
Thu.08:30 AM 04:30 PM
Fri.08:30 AM 04:30 PM



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