About US

DOM767 is Dominica’s only community space on the internet for people who love Dominica. We are a local website with a global reach but humble in our ambitions. Ours is a community-centric space that encourages engagement to nurture friendships and conversation for community inclusion and national empowerment.

DOM767 is for all of Dominica by Dominicans. We’ve presented this value-added platform to provide greater visibility to students, artists, politicians, educators, entrepreneurs, businesses and the marginalised in Dominica and across the wider diaspora.

Our platform encourages members to participate and share their ideas, perspectives and voices with the community. We rely on our members for local news tips, articles, jobs, events, history, experiences and other forms of content across everything Dominica – we reward members, by awarding points, level-ups, and badges.

You are welcome to submit all forms of content for consideration, and we promise to publish them if they meet our guidelines and standards. Your contributions must be capable of stimulating the Dominica conversation with all audiences across our services.

Our editorial coverage for Dominica includes:

  • Local, National and some Regional news
  • Opinions and Commentaries
  • Personality interviews, cultural issues.

But we do more than news reportage.

DOM767 also provides other value-added services such as –

  • Business directory
  • Announcements
  • Events calendar
  • Service Bookings: Book anything in Dominica (coming soon)
  • Real Estate Listings (coming soon)
  • Jobs board
  • Dompedia: Every bit of information that exists about Dominica (coming soon)
  • Social networking inclusive of private chat features
  • Questions & Answers platform for stimulating peer-to-peer discourse related to Dominica (just like you’ve seen on Quora and Reddit). You can ask or answer questions to the best of your ability to help the community.

We invite you to spend time connecting with each other on DOM767. Use this social community to interact with Friends in Dominica and the diaspora. You can also advertise your business and services to experience higher visibility.