Independent Regulatory Commission (IRC)


Independent Regulatory Commission (IRC) of Dominica is a key institution in the nation's energy sector, ensuring the provision of quality electricity services at affordable rates, contributing to the standard of living and economic productivity.

About Independent Regulatory Commission (IRC)

The Independent Regulatory Commission (IRC), established in 2006 under the Electricity Supply Act, is tasked with regulating electricity to ensure it is available to all households, businesses, and institutions in Dominica in an efficient, fair, transparent, and environmentally sustainable manner. They serve as an independent arbiter in all matters relating to the sale of electricity and aim to provide consistency, predictability, and transparency in the regulation of electricity supply.

Objectives and Functions of IRC

The IRC's objectives include promoting electricity service providers' efficiency and fairness, ensuring uninterrupted power supply, and providing a platform for customer complaints. They arbitrate disputes, set rules for electricity supply, and work towards immediate resolution of electricity failures. Collaborating with private and government agencies, the IRC supports initiatives to maintain constant electricity for national growth.

IRC comprises six divisions:

  • Legal Support and Licensing
  • Engineering, Safety and Standards
  • Market Competition and Rates
  • Finance and Support Services
  • Government and Consumer Affairs
  • Research and Development

These divisions work together to fashion efficient regulation, generation, and transmission of electricity throughout Dominica.

Opening Hours

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