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Coulibri Ridge Tragedy: Daniel Langlois and Companion Possibly Identified in Burnt Vehicle

The communities of Soufriere and Gallion have been enveloped in a sense of shock and disbelief following the unsettling discovery of charred remains in a vehicle on December 1, 2023. Police sources are now indicating that these remains are likely those of Daniel Langlois and his partner, Dominique Merchant, French Canadians who resided in Dominica.

Langlois and Merchant, proprietors of the award-winning Coulibri Ridge Eco Resort, had been reported missing. The burnt vehicle, discovered in a remote area, matches the description of the one they frequently used. This finding has led to a growing concern among locals and authorities alike.

At the grim scene, authorities were initially alerted to a burnt vehicle. Upon closer examination, they confirmed the presence of two charred bodies inside. The extreme intensity of the fire has rendered the bodies unrecognizable, leaving investigators to piece together clues based on circumstantial evidence.

Amidst this tragedy, police have made a significant advancement in the investigation. They have confirmed that three individuals are now in custody in connection with the discovery of the burnt vehicle and the remains found inside.

The ongoing investigation, bolstered by the recent detentions, offers hope for some resolution to the many questions surrounding this tragic case.

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  1. The loss at Coulibri Ridge is a profound tragedy, not just for the families directly affected, but for our entire island. It highlights the urgent need for more proactive community engagement and stronger security measures. As we grieve, let’s also reflect on how we can build a safer, more connected community, where disputes are resolved peacefully and the safety of every citizen is a top priority. Our collective response to this tragedy will define the future of our beloved island.

  2. It’s disheartening to see everything bad/wrong/disappointing/failed being politicized. This incident has nothing to do with the government’s policies or actions. The DLP has been working tirelessly to improve the lives of our people, and it’s unfair to blame them for situations beyond their control. We need to understand the difference between political accountability and misplaced blame.

  3. Time and again, Skerrit’s government has demonstrated a worrying level of incompetence. With each passing tragedy, the public’s patience thins. Citizens are left questioning how many more incidents it will take before the administration wakes up and takes substantive action.

    The government’s continuous failure to address these issues effectively is not just disappointing, but also deeply concerning. It reflects a systemic problem within the leadership, where reactive measures, rather than proactive strategies, seem to be the norm.

    The people of Dominica deserve better governance, one that prioritizes their safety and well-being.

    1. As a DLP supporter, I feel that these relentless attacks on the government are unwarranted. The government has consistently shown its commitment to the welfare of our people, and yet, some individuals choose to politicize every event for their gain. It’s important to look at the broader picture of the progress we’ve made under the DLP’s leadership, rather than focusing on baseless accusations

    2. Once again, the ineptitude of Skerrit’s administration is glaringly apparent. The recurring tragedies under their watch beg the question: when will they finally step up and take decisive action?

    3. I believe that the constant criticism against the government is politically motivated and stems from ignorance and hatred. The DLP has made significant strides in improving our country’s infrastructure, healthcare, and education systems. It’s crucial to recognize the good work being done, rather than unjustly blaming the government for every misfortune.

    4. Its unfortunate that everything that happens seem to somehow magically be Skerrit’s fault. He is not that powerful thank God. The same people who are so hard to come down on this nation when a crime takes place live in buildings with 10 locks on their doors because of the number of crime their neighborhoods experience on a daily basis. They have nothing to say to these governments that are more powerful than ours but is our government and people they want to put in bad light. We must stop that and give a helping hand and do our part as we pledged to do each time we recited the national pledge, or did we forget.

  4. I’ve just read a comment on social media by Lennox Honeychurch and I’m reeling from shock. The thought of that Jonathan guy resorting to such violence over a property dispute is chilling. Daniel Langlois and his wife, innocent in this, caught in a deadly ambush? It’s hard to internalize this. This level of brutality, right here in our little Dominica, instills a deep sense of fear for me and my family. What drove things to this point? I’m left grappling with disbelief and sorrow. We need a swift resolution to this. There are just too many unanswered questions. My heart goes to the family and staff of Coulibri Ridge.

      1. Sure, here you go. I got this on Facebook. But then again, i can’t be certain its from Lennox, the person who shared this, said its from him. I checked his Facebook page and he has nothing about this.
        Comment on the Coulibri Ridge Murder in Dominica

  5. My heart goes out to the communities of Soufriere and Gallion. They’re grappling with shock and loss, and it’s a reminder of how fragile our sense of security can be. It’s a tough time for everyone involved.

    1. The senselessness of this act is infuriating! We need real change in our Country, starting with those in high offices being held accountable for failures in the system they are sworn to manage for. It’s also high time we let those raggamuffins know what time of day it is. Not on my watch that happening.

      They say is three people that were arrested, including or not including that hit man. So my point is that guy used our locals to do his business. How can a white guy go to grandbay to escape from Dominica. He has links there. Come on man!!!!

  6. This story is just terrifying. To think that an argument over a right of way could lead to such a brutal act. What’s happening to our island? It’s getting scary out here. Safety seems like a thing of the past now.

  7. This whole situation with Jonathan and the right of way dispute just shows how deep our problems run. It’s not just about land; it’s about respect, law, and order. How could something so petty escalate to such a horrific act? We need stronger leadership to prevent such tragedies

  8. It’s truly heartbreaking to hear this news. My deepest condolences go out to the staff at Coulibri Ridge. They’re known for their warmth and kindness, and it’s a real tragedy for them to experience this.

  9. Indeed, the case being ‘missed’ raises questions about the investigative prowess of our Police Department and their officers. Attracting foreign investment and tourism involves far more than quick financial gains. It necessitates a well-oiled machine (not the DLP Government) comprising a functional and efficient judicial system, robust healthcare, a streamlined tax framework, and reliable banking services. These elements are fundamental for sustainable development and international confidence in our nation.

  10. Man, this news is a straight-up shocker! Jonathan, the big man owning Coulibri Ridge, He and his woman locked up, with that hit man they brought in from the US. Caught red-handed in Grandbay, trying to make a back-door from our island. This whole mess is just another example of the chaos we’re seeing these days. It’s like every time you turn around, there’s some new drama happening. Trust me it haven’t finished et!

    1. Once its not people from The communities that doing it then we good. I know its a shallow way of thinking, But that is the reality. If it was a local, then Dominica would be in all type of story.

    2. But you know, they’re probably going to get bail and then escape. That’s the usual story with Americans who commit crimes here. Then their embassies apply pressure on our small islands, letting them get away with minimal bail, only for them to vanish. It’s downright unfair and a clear example of how our justice system gets twisted by outside influence. It’s a frustrating cycle that keeps happening, and it’s just not right.

    3. In Dominica, he probably thought he’d slide easy. But look now, he got caught! Listen is Time to lock dem up and just throw away the key! That’s how we deal with dem kinds of things. No free passes in Dominica man!

    4. I’m in shock. Never thought something like this could happen here. It’s like something out of a movie, not real life in our community

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