Licensed Insurance Companies & Intermediaries

Pursuant to Section 215 of the Insurance Act 4 of 2012, the following Insurance Companies and Intermediaries are licensed and registered to conduct insurance business in the Commonwealth tof Dominica as of October 14, 2022.

General Insurers

  1. American Home Assurance
  2. Caribbean Alliance Insurance Company Ltd.
  3. Insurance Company of the West Indies Ltd.
  4. Island Heritage Insurance Company Ltd.
  5. GK General Insurance Company Ltd
  6. CG United Insurance Company Ltd
  7. NAGICO Insurance Company Ltd
  8. Sagicor General Insurance Inc.
  9. TDC Insurance Company Ltd
  10. New India Assurance Co (T&T) Ltd

General Insurers

  1. Lloyd’s Underwriters

Life Insurers

  1. Corp-Eff Insurance Company Ltd
  2. GK Life Insurance Eastern Caribbean Ltd.
  3. CUNA Caribbean Insurance OECS Ltd.

Composite Insurers

  1. Sagicor Life Eastern Caribbean Inc
  2. Pan-American Life Insurance Company Ltd
  3. Beacon Insurance Company Ltd.


  1. Risk Consultants & Insurance Brokers Ltd
  2. Wendell Lewis T/A Priority Insurance Brokerage & Consultancy
  3. Gallagher Insurance Brokers Ltd


  1. TICCA Inc.


Agents Insurers
A.C. Shillingford & Co. Ltd. New India Assurance Co (T&T) Ltd
Archipelago Trading Co. Ltd Beacon Insurance Company Ltd
Republic Bank (EC) LtdCabrits Agencies GK Life Insurance Eastern Caribbean Ltd
Island Heritage Insurance Co Ltd
Cabrits Agencies G K General Insurance Co Ltd
Resource Management Services Ltd The Insurance Company of the West Indies Ltd
Eden Consultancy
H.H.V Whitchurch & co Ltd Sagicor General Insurance Inc.
TDC Insurance Company Ltd
Lloyds Underwriters
J.B Charles & Co Ltd CG United Insurance Co Ltd
L.A Dupigny Ltd
CIBC First Caribbean International Bank
C.A.M Dupigny Inc.
Joan Oscar Agency Pan-American Life Insurance Co Ltd
Nanthan Insurances Agency NAGICO Insurance Co Ltd.
Superior Agency
Maxwell Insurance Agency
Willcher Services Inc. Sagicor Life EC Inc.

Sales Representatives

Insurer Sales Representativest
Sagicor Life EC Inc.
  • Maflaur Services Inc.
  • Lindon Graham
  • Michael McCarthy
  • Cheryl Lander – Rolle
  • Brenton Hilaire
  • Valda Victorine Faustin
  • Solange Magloire
  • Ruth Augustine
  • Aurma Leese
  • Margaret Laurent
  • Jina Harris-Alleyne
  • Dania Azille
  • Lenny Dover
  • Jevone Fabien
  • Donton Simon
  • Adian George
  • Sanjay Dominique
  • Brigille Moise
  • tCris Moore
NAGICO Insurance Co Ltd.
  • Sans Cris Services Ltd
  • Kennedy Alexander
  • Noreen Austrie
  • Beryl David
  • Nessie Simon
  • Edward Coipel
  • Heston Charles
Pan-American Life Insurance Co Ltd
  • Joan Oscar
  • Joel Joseph
  • Brian Charles
  • Hezron Sera hin

Persons and entities that do not appear on this list are not licensed or authorized to carry out insurance business in the Commonwealth of Dominica.

Please be so guided.


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Ministry of Finance

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