UWP’s Anette Sanford: A Historic Presidential Nomination in Dominica

In a significant development, the leader of the opposition in Dominica, Hon. Jesma Paul Victor, has nominated former United Workers Party (UWP) Senator Anette Sanford as her choice for the upcoming presidential election. This move follows the impending conclusion of President Charles Savarin’s term, set to end on October 1, 2023.

This nomination comes amid a backdrop of political discussions surrounding the presidential election.

On August 30, Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit unveiled his nominee, senior public officer Mrs. Sylvanie Burton, for the presidential position. However, opposition leader Paul-Victor did not support Skerrit’s choice, prompting a 14-day nomination period leading up to the election.

The nomination process has been marked by the Prime Minister expressing his disappointment with the opposition leader’s stance. He highlighted Mrs. Burton’s qualifications and lifelong commitment to the Kalinago people and the nation as a whole.

Skerrit viewed this as a missed opportunity to create history by appointing the first female president in Dominica’s political history and the first person of Kalinago descent to such a high office.

However, with the opposition leader’s nomination of Mrs. Anette Sanford, a nurse by profession who served as a Senator in the House of Assembly from February 10, 2020, to December 6, 2022, for the opposition United Workers Party, a new potential for history arises.

If elected, Sanford would not only become the first female President of Dominica but also the first Indigenous head of state.

Mrs. Anette Sanford’s nomination carries a compelling narrative.

Her extensive experience as a registered nurse, coupled with her academic qualifications, including a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, and a Post Graduate Certificate in Health Care Administration from St. Lawrence College in Ontario, Canada, paints a portrait of a nominee well-versed in healthcare.

Beyond her academic accomplishments, Sanford has a noteworthy history of community leadership and mentorship in the Kalinago Territory.

She currently serves as the Director of the Salybia Mission Project in collaboration with the Ross University School of Medicine in Barbados. This initiative aims to enhance the quality of healthcare in the Kalinago Territory.

The forthcoming election for the office of President in Dominica is poised to be a defining moment for Dominica.

The nominees represent diverse backgrounds and experiences, and their potential election holds the promise of a historic milestone for the nation’s political landscape.

Dominicans awaits this significant event that could shape their future governance.

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