Dr. Honychurch on how Dominica dealt with pandemics in the past

Discover Dominica Authority releases a four-part series on how the island has dealt with pandemics in the past. The series will feature the extensive historical knowledge of renown historian, Dr. Lennox Honychurch. The release of this series is intended to provide a different perspective on how the people of Dominica have handled pandemics in the past.

The first episode will focus on the arrival of the Europeans, their place in spreading diseases, the practices of the indigenous Kalinago, the first inhabitants of the island and their actions in response to the new situation. Episode two speaks to the introduction of new diseases to Dominica and the role of the formerly enslaved people. The efforts of Dominica’s medical stalwarts will be featured in the penultimate episode of this series. Exploring how the actions taken by our country and ancestors in addressing health situations in the past are relevant to us today in the war against the COVID-19 pandemic. The role of these medical pioneers in helping the population cope through previous pandemics and illnesses will be highlighted. The final episode will emphasize the island’s relationship with neighbouring islands and will include Christopher Columbus’ rediscovery of the island.

Director of Tourism, Mr. Colin Piper says “DDA is always looking to increase awareness of the destination and keep it top of mind, and one way to do so is to inform and educate on our culture and heritage. While most know Dominica for its nature; culture, heritage and wellness abound as well. We are thrilled to be working with Dr. Honychurch who has selflessly agreed to impart some of his knowledge about the history of Dominica and the courage of our people in this series.”

The first video will be released on our Discover Dominica Facebook page on April 9, 2020. The videos will reside on Discover Dominica’s YouTube page as well. Viewers are asked to like, share and provide feedback on the videos as well as other topics they would like featured.

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