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Johnny Vivian Philip Sentenced to 39 Years for Murder of Timothy Avandale Anselm

Johnny Vivian Philip has been sentenced to 39 years in prison for the 2020 murder of Timothy Avandale Anselm in Petite Savanne, Dominica. The incident occurred on March 7, 2020, when Philip, after spending time at a local liquor shop, accused Anselm of stealing manure and a solar panel from his property. Despite reporting these accusations to the police the previous day, Philip took matters into his own hands before the police could investigate.

Philip visited Anselm’s home in the early hours, demanding the return of the stolen items. When Anselm did not respond, Philip forcibly entered the house using a stick, leading to a physical altercation.

Anselm sustained severe injuries to his head and body during the confrontation. After the attack, a neighbor who heard the commotion found Anselm still conscious. Anselm identified Philip as his attacker before losing consciousness.

The police were alerted and later found Anselm dead in his home. Phillip was arrested shortly after and charged with murder. During his trial at the Roseau High Court, Philip pleaded guilty and expressed remorse, requesting “justice with mercy.” He acknowledged his actions and apologized for the pain caused to Anselm’s family.

Judge Colin Williams, considering the premeditated nature of the crime and the vulnerability of the victim, determined that the offence warranted a severe sentence. Williams noted that Philip had taken the law into his own hands in a violent and unprovoked manner. The judge initially considered a sentence of 40 years, adding four years for aggravating factors. However, due to time already served on remand and other considerations, the final sentence was adjusted to 39 years, 11 months, and three weeks in prison.

A social inquiry report described Anselm as a hardworking and respected community member. In contrast, Philip was generally seen as a calm individual who, when intoxicated, could lose control of his judgment. The report suggested that Philip’s alcohol consumption on the day of the incident likely influenced his poor decision-making.

Philip’s legal representation by Bernard Pacquette and Peter Alleyne highlighted his remorse and requested leniency, but the court deemed the nature of the crime too severe for a reduced sentence.

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