Historic Diplomatic Relations Established Between Dominica and Pakistan at UN Ceremony

During a ceremony at the Permanent Mission of Pakistan to the United Nations on February 6, 2024, Dominica and Pakistan officially initiated diplomatic ties. The event was marked by the signing of a joint communique by Philbert Aaron, Dominica’s Permanent Representative to the UN, and Munir Akram, his Pakistani counterpart.

The ceremony, hosted by the Pakistani Mission, was highlighted in a press release, stating Aaron’s gratitude and the anticipated benefits of this new diplomatic relationship. Aaron pinpointed the sectors of sports and climate change as key areas for collaboration, underscoring the significant impact of climate change on the future, necessitating robust cooperation.

Aaron also conveyed his appreciation for Pakistan’s government and people, looking forward to a fruitful partnership both bilaterally and on multilateral platforms to foster mutual understanding and interests.

From Pakistan’s perspective, Ambassador Akram noted the unifying factor of cricket between the two nations, despite the geographical distance, reminiscing about the West Indies cricket legends who are well-regarded in Pakistan.

Ambassador Akram also addressed the mutual challenge of climate change, pointing out Pakistan’s disproportionate suffering despite its minimal contribution to the issue. He stressed the importance of resilience-building efforts to combat climate change.

The establishment of diplomatic ties, according to Akram, is a step towards a meaningful and cooperative relationship between Dominica and Pakistan.

This pivotal ceremony was preceded by a bilateral meeting, signifying the start of a promising diplomatic endeavor between the two nations.

Pakistan, a key player in South Asia and the world’s fifth-most populous country, boasts a rich cultural and natural heritage, including a significant agricultural sector and abundant natural resources, contributing to its growing economy.

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