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Dr. Kenneth Darroux Arrested, Charged, and Out on $30k Bail Over Illegal Firearm Import Violation

Dr. Kenneth Darroux, a former government minister and Special Envoy in the Office of the Prime Minister, is currently out on a $30,000.00 bail. This development follows his recent charges by the police in connection with the unauthorized importation of firearm accessories. The law stipulates that such imports require a valid firearm importation license, which Dr. Darroux allegedly lacked.

The former minister appeared in the Roseau Magistrate Court after 4:00 p.m. to face these charges. During the court session, he was represented by attorneys-at-law Lennox Lawrence and Jodi Luke, while the state’s case was led by Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Sherma Dalrymple. However, the media, anticipating the charges to be read in the open court, were informed that the matter was dealt with in chambers by Magistrate Michael Laudat, leaving many details undisclosed.

Scheduled to return to court on January 24, 2024, Dr. Darroux will have the two charges formally read to him. His arrest and the subsequent legal process have caused a stir, given his long-standing political career. Dr. Darroux served the constituency of Petite Savanne for 18 years, holding various ministerial positions. Following his departure after the general elections in 2022, Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit appointed him as a Special Envoy, a role encompassing participation in Cabinet meetings and responsibilities related to “Electoral Modernization.”

The charges against Dr. Darroux stem from an alleged order of “gun accessories” without the prerequisite licensing as mandated under the Firearms Act of Dominica. The seriousness of these charges is underscored by the Act’s provisions, which include penalties of up to EC$15,000.00 and a potential ten-year prison sentence for violations. This situation places Dr. Darroux in a challenging position, legally and politically, as he navigates the ramifications of these allegations.

As Dr. Darroux prepares for his impending court date, this incident highlights the serious legal responsibilities tied to importing firearms, a truth that applies to all, regardless of stature. The verdict of this trial may profoundly affect Dr. Darroux’s career, with considerable consequences in both legal and political spheres.

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