DPSU’s Letang Advocates for Unified Trade Union Congress in Dominica

Thomas Letang, the General Secretary of the Dominica Public Service Union (DPSU), has highlighted the urgent need for the creation of a steering committee to establish a Trade Union Congress (TUC) in Dominica. Speaking on the Creole Heartbeat Program, Letang voiced his concern over the lack of seriousness with which some unionists are approaching this initiative.

The formation of a TUC in Dominica aims to consolidate local trade unions into a single entity, thereby providing a stronger, unified voice for worker’s rights and interests. Letang lamented the slow progress in achieving this goal, noting that efforts to unite the trade unions under one congress have been ongoing since before the widespread use of email, dating back to a time when typewriters and fax machines were the main tools of communication.

Despite the DPSU and the Waterfront and Allied Workers Union leading the charge for unity since before 2001, and a draft constitution being circulated in 2008, the initiative has faced numerous challenges. Letang expressed personal dismay over the internal strife, including backbiting and unjust criticism, which has hampered constructive collaboration within the union movement.

The recent DPSU general meeting underscored the continued commitment to this cause. Yet, Letang’s reflections signal a call to action for trade unionists in Dominica to embrace the initiative with the seriousness it warrants. The proposed Trade Union Congress represents a pivotal opportunity for strengthening the collective voice of workers in Dominica, advocating for improved labor rights, and fostering solidarity within the labor movement.

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