DPSU’s Thomas Letang Talks about Trade Union Congress and Employment Laws

Dominica Public Service Union’s (DPSU) General Secretary, Thomas Letang, has expressed hopes that a trade union congress will be approved for operation in the country this year. The public service union has been advocating for a trade congress for many years and hopeful that the ruling party will endorse the proposal this year.

Letang states that some people do not agree with the idea of a trade congress, but that such people will see the importance of the union after some identified difficulties have been resolved. The general secretary said the different trade unions in the country have been notified of the development and will soon be invited for an important meeting.

Furthermore, Letang stated there are current laws which address public and private sector employment in the country, adding that everyone in Dominica should be aware and fully compliant with these laws. He highlighted various acts and laws that regulate employment in different sectors of the economy, saying that DPSU and the relevant government agencies will continually review necessary legislations to make working in Dominica a most rewarding experience.

Various laws deal with conditions of employment in both the private sector and the public service. We have Industrial Relations Act…and others, and most of these pertain to the private sector. In the public service, we have the General Orders which we soon hope to replace with the Public Management Act, and we have Financial Orders, Public Service Commission Regulations, and Public Service Act which is one that we will look at. When you look at the act or the laws rather, there are a number of things that are addressed in those pieces of legislation…

Thomas Letang, General Secretary of the Dominica Public Service Union’s (DPSU)

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I am Dominican, I am a Mother and a product of this beautiful Nature Island of the WORLD. I believe in this government of ours as they toil tirelessly to build a better, brighter, stronger Dominica for all. Trust me, BARBARA is all you are going to get, so just mind me!!!

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