90 Families in Grandbay, Roseau North, and Jimmit to Get Keys to New Homes

PM Roosevelt Skerrit has announced that 90 families in Grand Bay, Roseau North, and Jimmit will be getting keys to new residential homes in the coming days. He revealed that this is part of the government’s resolve to construct 5,000 resilient homes to Dominican families who are most in need of suitable shelters. He also identified other parts of the country where houses have been marked for construction.

According to the Skerrit, about 1,500 families have been gifted government-constructed homes across the country, and the remaining 3,500 families are sure to receive keys to their own homes too in due time.

“I am very confident we’ll get to the target,” he said. “Obviously, we cannot house everybody at the same time but if we put in one person, that’s one person less on the list.”

The prime minister disclosed that 30 people have been approved to receive homes in Jimmit, and those in Grand Bay and Stock Farm will have their names approved this week. He made it clear that the government has many initiatives under its current housing programme and that they are all aimed at providing suitable housing for most Dominicans.

While housing construction is underway in Roseau Valley, Pointe Michel, Scottshead, Wesley, and Woodford Hill among other choice areas, Skerrit said 60 families have been shortlisted to benefit another housing project being executed at Upper River Bank opposite the Dominica Grammar School in Roseau.

In a related development, the Skerrit administration is finalizing plans to relocate residents of Campbell village to Warner and other areas where they would not be vulnerable to landslides and flooding incidents. The prime minister said the relocation will be carried out in phases and that parliamentary representative Rayburn Blackmoore has identified the first 25 vulnerable families to be moved first.

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I am Dominican, I am a Mother and a product of this beautiful Nature Island of the WORLD. I believe in this government of ours as they toil tirelessly to build a better, brighter, stronger Dominica for all. Trust me, BARBARA is all you are going to get, so just mind me!!!

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