may, 2024

Reunion’24 for Isidore

2024sat11mayAll Daymon20Reunion’24 for IsidoreResilience Against All Odds(All Day) Grand Bay, Grand Bay, Dominica Event Organized ByGrandbay Village CouncilEvent Type Culture

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The feast of St. Isidore (Fete Labouweh), or the Labourer’s Feast, is celebrated on Whit Monday, also called Pentecost Monday. The feast of St. Isidore, also known as Fete Labouweh or the Labourer’s Feast, is celebrated on Whit Monday.

Based on Christian traditions, Pentecost is observed 40 days after Easter Sunday to commemorate Jesus’ ascension to heaven, so every year, Fete Isidore falls on a different date.

Traditionally in Dominica, the feast of Isidore has mainly been celebrated in Grand Bay and Petit Soufriere.



may 11 (Saturday) - 20 (Monday)


Grand Bay

Grand Bay, Dominica


Grandbay Village Council

The Grandbay Village Council operates as a part of the local government system of Dominica, which includes several councils throughout the island. The council plays a crucial role in the development of the community, civic responsibility, and cultural promotion, making it an essential component of local governance in Dominica. As a governing body, the council is responsible for administrative tasks, civic engagement, and development plans within Grand Bay, a lively community renowned for its rich cultural heritage and for being a hub in the southern part of Dominica.
Grand Bay, Dominica

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