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Wins for Dominica State College Students in their FIRST Global Challenge in Dubai

Dominica State College students competed in the FIRST Global Challenge which was held in Dubai from October 24-27. They competed against veteran competitors and ranked 155 out of 189 participating countries with total game points of 716. The students, together with their alliances, won three out of nine ranking matches and one out of two practice matches. The games were all related to the movement of objects (which represented ocean debris) from on point to another and one level to the next.

The students were also awarded gold medals for the Mansa Musa Award for fundraising. This award was presented to the team that demonstrated to First Global that they made a good faith effort in raising funds. Additionally, they received an award for following the safety rules. The team worked in alliance with teams like China, Ethiopia, Sri Lanka, Honduras, Cayman Islands, Laos, Egypt, among others.

The Dominica State College expresses gratitude to Krish Sharma, Kodie Jean- Jacques, Briana Laudat, Kieyah Lawrence and Charleson Gilbert for their commitment and hard work in seeing this competition through. They also thank Ms. Veronne Nicholas and Mr. Allan Morris for guiding and supporting the students.

Moving forward, the institution plans to implement a robotics program that will better equip Dominican students to participate in future games.

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