UWP’s Lennox Linton and DPSU’s Thomas Letang Lash out at the Government

United Workers Party (UWP)’s Lennox Linton and Dominica Public Service Union (DPSU)’s Thomas Letang lashed out at the government for perceived injustices that they observed in the way the DLP administration is running the country. But National Security Minister Rayburn Blackmoore disagreed with the opposition, saying they are only out to tarnish the image of the Skerrit-led government.

Opposition leader and Marigot MP Linton said Dominicans are poor while the government sits atop money that should have been accessible to the people. He said the DLP administration is appropriating public funds for personal use while many people remain poor in Dominica.

DPSU general secretary Thomas Letang accused the government of taking advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic to enrich themselves, while also resorting to bullying to silence the dissidents. He reeled out several instances where the government has come short of public expectations, most especially those in the public service.

Blackmoore condemned the opposition for their campaign of calumny, saying the government has exceeded the expectations of the public in areas of housing, education, job creation, security, and social infrastructure. He said the Skerrit administration continues to execute major projects across the island despite the challenges of COVID-19.

The national security minister said the opposition is gunning for cheap political points when the country needs national cohesion most. He highlighted some of the current projects the government has embarked upon at the moment even with the challenging threats of coronavirus across the island.

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I am Dominican, I am a Mother and a product of this beautiful Nature Island of the WORLD. I believe in this government of ours as they toil tirelessly to build a better, brighter, stronger Dominica for all. Trust me, BARBARA is all you are going to get, so just mind me!!!

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