Thomas Letang says the DPSU is ready for protest action if ignored by the government

General Secretary of the Dominica Public Service Union (DPSU) Thomas Letang said that his union has shown patience and tolerance at the disrespect meted out to the union by the government and that patience is running out.

1. The Beginning of Things to Come

Letang was addressing hundreds of public officers on April 11, 2019 on grievances affecting public officers. “What you see today is the beginning of things to come because we are going all out to get what we want and what is due to us. Nothing is going to keep us back and prevent us from going forward,” Letang said to cheering public officers.

According to Letang government has not even responded to their letter sent in December 2018 and a follow up in January 2019.

He pointed to many shortfalls in the system which is frustrating his union. “We have situations where boards have not been appointed, the Dominica Air & Seaport Authority (DASPA) is without a board and therefore our latest proposal to DASPA can’t be approved. No board in place also at the Solid Waste Management Corporation; we have applied for recognition for the staff at Discover Dominica, two years now and nothing is being done total disrespect to the union. At the Public Workers Corporation after ten years no salary increases,” Letang stated.

He continued, “In the public service persons in acting positions for ten years and are yet to be appointed, total injustice. Today our Prime Minister thinks he can play on the minds of the people calling our junior clerks to a meeting…will and come again Prime Minister. You calling junior clerks and telling them you going to build headquarters on high street…you out of place, you have them not able to go to the bank to negotiate for a loan.”

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