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Michael Lees Spearheads Newly Elected Waitukubuli Artist Association Board

Emerging from a seven-week in-depth organizational review and recent elections the Waitukubuli Artist Association (WAA) is proud to announce its new executive board, marking the beginning of an exciting chapter for the organization.

WAA welcomes 2024 under the stewardship of newly elected Board of Directors led by President Michael Lees, ably supported by Vice President Antonio Toledo, Treasurer Anthea Robinson, and Secretary Matthieu Arquey. Additional directors who will support the associations broader initiatives and functions are Annalisa Jensen as Human Resources Officer (HRO), Sandra Vivas the Projects and Development Officer (PDO), and Jenae Bell as Public Relations Officer (PRO). The board has also invited two Senior Advisors, seasoned artists and long-standing WAA members, Carla Armour and Carol Sorhaindo, who will be available for their input and guidance to this diverse and committed board. WAA is ready for dynamic growth in the next 2 years, the term of this board.

Together with a core group of their diverse membership WAA stands on a solid foundation with which to build an even more dynamic and professional organization. The executive board is committed to promoting local talent and fostering creative expression, as they work towards advancing the vision and missions of the association.

A seed planted by the late great Earl Etienne in 2018, “WAA continues to realize its vision to be a dynamic hub where artists of diverse backgrounds collaborate, innovate, and inspire each other and the nation. WAA’s mission is to enrich Dominica’s cultural tapestry and elevate the appreciation of the arts both locally and throughout the Diaspora. WAA champions social causes to cultivate a sustainable and supportive environment for artistic expression and growth. Michael Lees expressed his confidence that, “With this new team, I have no doubt we will accomplish great things together.”

According to Michael Lees, “with love, and diligence, the organization has grown and thrived.” WAA is truly grateful to past President Lowell Royer and Vice President Aaron Hamilton along with their team, Anthea Robinson (Events Coordinator), Ray Francis (Administrative Assistant), Nicole Morson (Media, Project Manager, Treasurer), Edward Collins and Michael Lees (Public Relations Officers), Jenae Bell (Head of Graphic Design), all of whom have made significant contributions and played pivotal roles in shaping the organization over the years. “It’s now our responsibility to build off this, and the rest of the organization’s hard work, and lead WAA through what I see as its adolescence phase.” said Lees.

WAA extends its heartfelt appreciation to its supporters, partners, and the community for their unwavering enthusiasm and continued support. Together, they will shape a brighter future for the arts in Dominica through collaborations, multi-media exhibitions, mentorship, murals and community building initiatives. WAA is poised to make a lasting impact in the artistic landscape of Dominica.

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Waitukubuli Artist Association

We the members of the Waitukubuli Artist Association aim to do just that. Hence our moto "Elevating Creativity". We are a group of artists who came together to enlighten and broaden the minds of individuals with our art. As artists, we draw inspiration from what is around us and feel the need to express that in whatever form we feel. Art is the way we express ourselves.

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