DPSU Raises Alarm Over Politicization in Public Service Appointments

Thomas Letang, the General Secretary of the Dominica Public Service Union (DPSU), voiced significant concerns regarding the challenges faced by the union, particularly the politicization of public service employment. Speaking at the DPSU’s 12th Biennial Delegates Conference, Letang highlighted issues such as the politicization of recommendations for acting permanent positions and the appointment of less qualified individuals to these roles, which he argues undermines the integrity of the public service.

Letang also addressed the problematic nature of prolonged acting appointments, where public servants are left in temporary positions indefinitely without formal appointment, a practice he believes needs urgent review. He emphasized that the union remains politically impartial, focusing solely on defending and advocating for the rights of its members, despite accusations of his involvement in politics.

On the other hand, President of the DPSU, Steve Joseph pointed out that a significant issue for public servants in Dominica is not the absence of rights but the lack of awareness about them.

He noted that many members do not engage with essential materials such as the Public Service Act or labor codes and sometimes do not participate in union-organized training. Joseph stressed the importance of education on these rights to empower members to advocate for themselves more effectively.

These statements reflect ongoing concerns about political influence in public service practices and the critical need for education and awareness among union members regarding their rights.

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