Dominica’s CBI Programme Gains Approval from EU and UK Officials, Says PM Skerrit

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit recently provided insights into the positive outcomes following the visits of delegations from the European Union (EU) and the United Kingdom (UK) to evaluate Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Programme. The EU officials, after thorough investigations and audits, were satisfied with the programme’s initiatives, marking a shift in perception towards a more favorable view. This change highlights the importance of direct engagement and firsthand evaluations in understanding the programme’s commitment to transparency and integrity.

The EU delegation’s visit included on-site evaluations and discussions with due diligence firms, allowing them to witness the stringent measures Dominica has implemented to maintain the CBI Programme’s integrity. The Prime Minister emphasized the value of these interactions, which provided the officials with a comprehensive understanding of the programme’s operations and its benefits to the island’s development.

Furthermore, legislative actions have been taken by the government to address past concerns, including regulations on name changes and the marketing of the CBI programme. Prime Minister Skerrit expressed optimism about implementing the EU’s recommendations, indicating a readiness to adapt and enhance the programme’s standards.

The UK Home Office delegation’s visit also yielded positive feedback, with discussions underway to potentially reinstate visa-free access to the UK for Dominican citizens. This dialogue underscores the mutual interest in maintaining strong diplomatic and economic ties between Dominica and the UK.

Prime Minister Skerrit highlighted Dominica’s openness to scrutiny and collaboration with international partners, demonstrating a proactive stance in aligning the CBI Programme with global expectations. The government’s commitment to transparency is evident in its willingness to engage with international bodies and implement their recommendations.

The Prime Minister’s call for joint recommendations from the UK and EU reflects a strategic approach to consolidating feedback and ensuring the CBI Programme’s continuous improvement. This collaborative effort is pivotal in reinforcing Dominica’s position as a leading jurisdiction for citizenship by investment, contributing positively to national growth and adhering to international standards of practice.

Overall, the EU and UK’s reviews of Dominica’s CBI Programme signify a vote of confidence in the country’s management and oversight of this important economic initiative. As Dominica looks forward to implementing further enhancements based on international feedback, the CBI Programme reflects the government’s deeper commitment—a pledge to uphold excellence, transparency, and sustainable development.

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