Dominica Youth Business Trust Launches EU-Funded Project for At-Risk Youth

The Dominica Youth Business Trust (DYBT) has initiated a project aimed at transforming at-risk youth into sustainable, productive members of society. Funded by the European Union, this initiative is focused on Dominica and includes St. Lucia and Barbados. The project’s core ambition is to foster entrepreneurial spirit among vulnerable youths in marginalized communities, empowering them to contribute significantly to the region’s economic development.

Cardelle Fergusson, General Manager of the Barbados Youth Business Trust and Regional Project Coordinator, emphasized the project’s dedication to harnessing the potential of young individuals by engaging them in productive and supportive activities. These activities are expected to channel their energies into positive contributions, thus enhancing their communities’ sustainability and economic vitality.

Moreover, the project aims to develop a robust repository of information to support youth business programs and guide young entrepreneurs. This will include creating accessible resources to assist young entrepreneurs in advancing towards sustainable business practices. The target age group for this initiative ranges from 16 to 35, focusing on those transitioning from traditional education to the workforce.

This multi-country effort reflects the DYBT’s strong commitment to improving the prospects of young people in Dominica through entrepreneurship and structured support, with a special focus on the most vulnerable.

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