Ministry of Tourism, International Transport and Maritime Initiatives
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The Ministry of Tourism, International Transport and Maritime Initiatives of Dominica is dedicated to fostering the sustainable development of tourism, with a particular emphasis on promoting and marketing eco-tourism.

About the Ministry of Tourism, International Transport and Maritime Initiatives

The Ministry of Tourism, International Transport and Maritime Initiatives mission is to create an enabling environment that supports the development and expansion of tourism activities in line with Dominica's development goals. Its vision is to position Dominica as the premier eco-tourism destination in the region. This is supported by a robust justice system and facilitated by efficient and effective support services. This Ministry is instrumental in developing products and services that align with these priorities. It plays a key role in contributing to national economic growth through the expansion of economic activities in the tourism sector, while also maintaining an efficient and effective justice system that enhances the quality of life for both residents and visitors.

Ministry of Tourism Key Departments and Units

  • Discover Dominica Authority: This unit is responsible for the promotion and marketing of Dominica's tourism sector. It plays a crucial role in implementing strategies for tourism development and branding.
  • Maritime Administration Unit: This division focuses on the management and regulation of maritime activities, ensuring the smooth operation of maritime transport and initiatives.

Strategic Goals and Initiatives of the Ministry of Tourism

The Ministry's strategic goals include:

  • Strengthening the technical and administrative capacity of key public sector tourism institutions.
  • Building brand awareness of the Dominica brand and increasing the foreign exchange earning potential of the sector.
  • Enhancing the capacity of stakeholder groups to develop new and quality products and services, thereby diversifying rural incomes and improving the quality of life in rural communities.

Projects and Programs

The Ministry is involved in various projects and programs, including:

  • Community Tourism Projects: These projects aim to develop and promote tourism activities at the community level.
  • Work in Nature (WIN) Extended Stay Visa: This initiative allows individuals to relocate to Dominica and work remotely for up to 18 months, thereby promoting Dominica as a destination for digital nomads and remote workers.

The Ministry's efforts are pivotal in promoting Dominica's unique eco-tourism potential and in driving the sustainable development of the tourism sector, which is a significant contributor to the nation's economy.



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