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Discover Dominica Authority is the official tourism promotion agency of Dominica, a body dedicated to showcasing the island's unique natural beauty and cultural richness.

About Discover Dominica Authority

Discover Dominica Authority (DDA) is the key institution responsible for driving Dominica's tourism sector forward. Established as a statutory body, DDA's mission is to develop and market Dominica as a desirable travel destination, highlighting its distinct eco-tourism offerings and vibrant cultural experiences. Through strategic marketing initiatives, partnership development, and product innovation, DDA aims to enhance the visibility of Dominica on the global stage, attracting visitors to explore the island's lush landscapes, rich heritage, and warm hospitality.

Services Offered by Discover Dominica Authority

Discover Dominica Authority provides comprehensive information on various aspects of visiting Dominica, including:

  • Itineraries: Tailored travel plans for visitors to experience the best of Dominica's natural wonders and attractions.
  • Accommodations: Listings and booking assistance for hotels, apartments, cottages, and guest houses.
  • Experiences: Organized adventures, cultural events, and voluntourism opportunities for an immersive Dominican experience.
  • Travel Advisory: Updated guidelines and advisories for safe and informed travel to and within Dominica.
  • Transportation: Information on airlines, cruise details, island hopping, and local transportation options.

Discover Dominica Authority Initiatives

  • Marketing and Promotion: Implementing comprehensive campaigns to boost Dominica's profile as a leading eco-tourism and cultural destination.
  • Stakeholder Engagement: Collaborating with local businesses, communities, and international partners to foster sustainable tourism development.
  • Event Management: Organizing signature festivals and events that celebrate Dominica's culture, music, and natural beauty.

Discover Dominica Authority plays a pivotal role in the island's economic development, leveraging tourism as a key driver of growth and community enrichment. Through its dedicated efforts, DDA ensures that Dominica remains a top choice for travelers seeking authentic and responsible travel experiences.

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