Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries Blue and Green Economy


Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries Blue and Green Economy is a Miniastry in Dominica dedicated to the sustainable management and development of the country's agricultural, marine, and environmental resources. It focuses on food and nutrition security, economic growth, and improving livelihoods within a framework that embraces social and gender inclusiveness.

About the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries Blue and Green Economy

The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Blue and Green Economy plays a crucial role in Dominica's development. It aims to protect and sustainably leverage the island's marine and terrestrial assets and cultural heritage. The ministry's mission encompasses enhancing food and nutrition security, contributing to economic growth, and improving Dominicans' livelihoods. It operates with a vision of sustainable development that balances economic growth with the conservation of natural resources.

The Ministry of Agriculture Key Initiatives and Programs

The Ministry of Agriculture oversees several initiatives and programs aimed at achieving its goals:

  • Agricultural Resilience: Fostering resilience in agriculture to climate change and natural disasters.
  • Fisheries Management: Implementing sustainable practices in fishing to ensure the long-term viability of marine resources.
  • Blue and Green Economy: Promoting economic activities that provide sustainability, conserve biodiversity, and mitigate climate change.

Achievements and Impact

Significant achievements of the ministry include:

  • Enhancing food security through increased local production and reduced dependency on imports.
  • Initiating sustainable practices in agriculture and fisheries that contribute to environmental conservation.
  • Developing policies that support the economic empowerment of rural communities.

Strategic Partnerships

The Ministry collaborates with various national and international organizations, including:

  • The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)
  • The World Bank
  • Local and regional NGOs

These partnerships aim to support implementing projects and initiatives that align with Dominica's sustainable development goals.

Understanding the critical role of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries Blue and Green Economy in Dominica illuminates its importance in driving forward policies and practices that ensure the island's sustainability and resilience. Through its work, the ministry contributes significantly to the well-being of Dominica's environment and its people, showcasing an integrated development model that balances economic, environmental, and social objectives.

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