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Hospitality Redefined: Strategies Unveiled at DHTA ACTalks Workshop

The Dominica Hotel & Tourism Association recently gathered for a dynamic action through collaboration workshop under the theme “Hospitality Redefined: Crafting Extraordinary Guest Experiences.” The event featured three expert speakers who shared their insights on activities, products, packaging, and marketing in the hospitality sector.

The workshop provided attendees with valuable knowledge and practical strategies to enhance the guest experience and elevate their establishments. Participants had the opportunity to learn from industry leaders and engage in thought-provoking discussions on the latest trends and best practices in hospitality.

We were delighted to host such a successful event that brought together professionals from the tourism industry to explore innovative ways of elevating guest experiences. This is our first ACTalks Workshop for the year and look forward to the second to be held in June.

Ria Williams, Executive Vice Present of the DHTA

The speakers included Mrs. Amber Oxley of Sea Cliff Eco-Cottages and Gin Distillery, Mr. Weston Moses of Soufriere Outdoor Center and Mrs. Marvlyn Alexander James of GEMS Holdings, each offering unique perspectives and actionable insights. From creating unforgettable activities to designing compelling product packages and implementing effective marketing strategies, the workshop covered a wide range of topics essential for staying competitive in the ever-evolving tourism landscape.

The workshop also provided a platform for networking and collaboration, allowing attendees to exchange ideas and build valuable connections within the industry.

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The DHTA's mission is to promote tourism and related services as a critical sector in Dominica's economic development and to work closely with all stakeholders to create and sustain an enabling environment that will support Members' efforts to improve the standards of their products and the quality of their services.

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