Soiree Virtual Assistant
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Price Range : $$ - Moderate


Soiree Virtual Assistant provides off-site administrative and/or personal assistance to clients. With over 10 years of experience and special expertise in the field of Administration, SuVa is responsible and accountable for completing the work assigned to us.


Administrative Assistance| Relieve Management of Administrate detail| Coordinate workflow | Compos Correspondence and Reports | Personal Assistance | Maintain Supervisor’s Calendar| Arrange Travel | HR Duties; Recruit, Hire, Train and Supervise Clerical Staff | Internet Research | Coordinate & Maintain Records | Manage Project/Project Management | Booking and Payrolls | Concierge Services | Perform other Administrative duties as requested

Skills, Knowledge, Attitudes, and Personal Traits

Technical Skills | Interpersonal Skills | Communication Skills
Teamwork and Collaboration Skills | Client Focus | Problem-Solving and Critical-thinking Skills | Professionalism | Productivity | Strong Work Ethic



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